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Columbia University researchers claim 28% of Google’s URL takedown requests are invalid

Joe Karaganis, a co-author of the research paper, told TorrentFreak, “With notice sending robots talking to notice receiving robots, the step of actually looking at the targeted content often drops out of the equation. The main contribution of our study is to go back in to look at the targeted content and make those human judgments.

Andrew: Decidedly non-cognitive. Google’s human-machine hybrid approach would work wonders, here.

Advertisers Only Need Four Apps To Identify You | Motherboard

Just a handful of apps installed on your phone can reveal much more about you than you may realize.

A study from the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation found the majority of mobile phone users can be re-identified in a dataset by as few as four of the apps they had installed on their smartphones, raising privacy concerns as platforms increasingly share app data with advertisers.