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Forget Bitcoin — What Is the Blockchain and Why Should You Care?

Andrew: This matters greatly.

… This is the principle behind the blockchain, a powerful and widely misunderstood invention that could profoundly affect our relationship with the digital world. Most people are vaguely familiar with the blockchain as the technology underpinning bitcoin. Experts in a range of industries are gushing about its potential.

As Boeing booms, robots rise and job growth lags

The world’s largest plane maker is in the midst of its biggest peacetime boom, churning out 20 percent more planes than when the last big cycle peaked in the 1990s.

But it is doing so with one-third fewer workers. In their place, Boeing is turning to robots and outsourcing.

On the 777 line, the labor savings from automated riveting could be more than 100-fold. One person can run eight sets of robot arms that each do the work of 16 people, replacing 128 workers, said Surinder Lamba, president of Apache Aerospace Inc, a Washington state company that supplies tooling to all of Boeing’s commercial jet programs.

Software Is The New Oil

It makes sense to me that software is the oil of the information revolution. Companies that control the software infrastructure of the information revolution will sit back and collect the economic surplus of the information revolution and that will be a path to vast wealth and economic power. It has already happened but I think we are just beginning to see the operating leverage of these software based business models.