Delta Air Lines Scraps Check-In for Users of Its iPhone App

“From a customer standpoint, Delta’s decision makes sense. It seems anachronistic that customers still check in, considering the process was created decades ago, well before today’s technological innovations. Not long ago, a passenger had to check in with an agent at the gate, or in the airport lobby. It could be a time-consuming process.

But for the most part, auto check-in has not caught on, and while Continental’s successor, United Airlines, adopted the technology after the two airlines merged, it no longer uses it. Another airline, FlyDubai, once scrapped check-in completely only to bring it back after it realized its automated system wasn’t perfect.”

Andrew: Here is more proof that we remain in the early days of the long-running technological revolution. Software + tinkering/applying/try-and-learn + Aviation = happiness in my core 😉