In the hunt for consumer revenue, publishers are hiring e-commerce marketing veterans

Karl Wells, gm of WSJ Membership: “The shift away from being a department focused on circulation to a department driven by digital subscription growth fundamentally changed the way we worked, including the variety of skill sets we sought out,” he said. “The team we’ve built is a combination of marketers who are data-curious, data-literate, digital-first and can balance the need for art and science.”

Andrew: “data-curious, data-literate, digital-first and can balance the need for art and science” filters down the pool to about five people globally. 

‘We’re giving the business away to consultants’: Agencies brace for new competition

“Agencies of all shapes and sizes gathered in Charleston, South Carolina, this week to discuss what’s ailing the agency world and how to build the next great modern agency. Over town halls and working group sessions, they discussed everything from consultancies to transparency. Here are the highlights.”

Andrew: A quick must-read. If it is this bad in the digital consulting and agency space (which it is), imagine what clients experience. Change is rarely pain-free. Add rapid growth to the mix and you have a digital wild west.

For $1,000, Anyone Can Purchase Online Ads to Track Your Location and App Use

“The researchers discovered that an individual ad purchaser can, under certain circumstances, see when a person visits a predetermined sensitive location — a suspected rendezvous spot for an affair, the office of a company that a venture capitalist might be interested in or a hospital where someone might be receiving treatment — within 10 minutes of that person’s arrival. They were also able to track a person’s movements across the city during a morning commute by serving location-based ads to the target’s phone.”

Andrew: This is a scary and fascinating use of technology. Further, it is but a glimpse into the digital advertising underworld. Thumbs up to the team at the University of Washington for the impressive work.

Against All Odds, San Juan’s FBOs Shine

“‘We went from an electrical economy to a diesel economy overnight,’ said Frances Ryan, Jet Aviation San Juan’s marketing and communications director. The facility immediately became a linchpin in the relief and humanitarian operations to the island, handling 1,000 humanitarian flights through the middle of October, and relying on water from underground cisterns installed when the facility was built.”

Andrew: +1 for the aviation community. 

Outsourcing Giant Wipro has a $450 Million Agency

“Count one more new agency entrant that can boast serious scale. Over the last few years, Wipro, the software and outsourcing giant based out of India, has slowly put muscle behind Wipro Digital, its agency and design services arm.”

Andrew: the agency-consultancy-outsourcer convergence marches forward. Expect even greater upheaval on this front.

Delta Air Lines Scraps Check-In for Users of Its iPhone App

“From a customer standpoint, Delta’s decision makes sense. It seems anachronistic that customers still check in, considering the process was created decades ago, well before today’s technological innovations. Not long ago, a passenger had to check in with an agent at the gate, or in the airport lobby. It could be a time-consuming process.

But for the most part, auto check-in has not caught on, and while Continental’s successor, United Airlines, adopted the technology after the two airlines merged, it no longer uses it. Another airline, FlyDubai, once scrapped check-in completely only to bring it back after it realized its automated system wasn’t perfect.”

Andrew: Here is more proof that we remain in the early days of the long-running technological revolution. Software + tinkering/applying/try-and-learn + Aviation = happiness in my core 😉

PayPal’s Market Value Eclipses AmEx, Nears Morgan Stanley, Goldman

“The San Jose, Calif., company has enjoyed breakneck growth in both e-commerce and mobile money transfers. Its market capitalization stands at about $83 billion, nearly double the $47 billion value it had when it spun off from eBay Inc. a little over two years ago.

PayPal is even gaining ground on Wall Street titans. Its market value is now about $6 billion less than Morgan Stanley ’s and about $10 billion less than that of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.”

Andrew: The times, they are a changin’.